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Youth Wellbeing Project provides a holistic, whole school approach to counteract porn culture.

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Why choose Youth Wellbeing Project?

Is your current approach to relationships and sexuality education missing the mark? Finding effective tools to deliver holistic messages can be time consuming and overwhelming.

So often, Relationships and Sexuality resources leave schools second guessing if they can trust the content for reliability of information, student safety and a grounded framework to promote healthy sexual development. Youth Wellbeing Project overcomes these challenges with excellence and offers refreshing assurance to parents and professionals.

What do people say about us?

Liz delivers the sensitive topic of porn with expertise. It is so much better to have Liz present than us fumble through. I highly recommended Liz to other schools!

Assistant PrincipalPrivate Boys School

Liz is an exceptionally passionate and articulate speaker. Her message is strong, uncompromising, and backed by experience and research.

Alison RichardsonClinical Sexologist

IQ programs have proven to be an extremely valuable resource for our Health and Physical domain. We have had wonderful feedback.

Alkira Secondary CollegeDomain Leader Health & Physical Education

Tamara is a great child friendly presenter who accommodates the diversity, age and cultural differences. The children felt comfortable talking about it.

Year Level CoordinatorPrivate School

Great workshop! My comprehension of the seriousness of porn’s impact has been hugely increased. An urgent topic to add to Health Sessions in my High School.

Community NurseWestern Australia

This was one of the best workshops I have ever been to in my 22 years as a counsellor. Liz was absolutely amazing – I have told my team they must attend next time!


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A fresh new look

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Youth Wellbeing Project decided that a brand new year was all the reason we needed to morph from one season to the next and celebrate with a fresh look. Our new design compliments the logos of BODY and RELATIONSHIP IQ programs. The circle symbolises a never-ending continuum of learning about sexuality throughout life, within the context of balanced boundaries. Red remains our core colour, with differing hues representing love, light and passion. Two people connect at the heart and face-to-face: the underpinning of healthy sexuality and essential for young people to master in order to thrive in life and build healthy communities.

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Young People Need Critical Porn Analysis; ‘Porn Literacy’ Is Not Enough

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A new conversation is happening in educational circles, with many speaking up about the need for kids and teens to become ‘porn literate’. It is increasingly evident that kids cannot cope with the onslaught of pornographic images they can openly access at the click of a button. Some kids mimic what they see in their behaviours towards others; some are traumatised when attempting to understand images their immature brains can’t process. Kids need to have protection and resources made available to them.

However, ‘Porn Literacy’ may fail to effectively address porn culture, particularly if it’s the version advocated for by UK voice Jenni Murray, Read More

How much evidence is enough when it comes to porn, children and harm?

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What’s all the fuss about? I mean, really, does porn harm children? Does stumbling across a few nudes really impact a child and their understanding of the world? And if it does harm them, where’s the evidence?

Kids now live in a culture that is significantly different to even as recent as five years ago. The proliferation of mobile devices and broadband Internet changed everything and research is struggling to keep up.

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Ways porn harms children & young people