Young People Need Critical Porn Analysis; ‘Porn Literacy’ Is Not Enough

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A new conversation is happening in educational circles, with many speaking up about the need for kids and teens to become ‘porn literate’. It is increasingly evident that kids cannot cope with the onslaught of pornographic images they can openly access at the click of a button. Some kids mimic what they see in their behaviours towards others; some are traumatised when attempting to understand images their immature brains can’t process. Kids need to have protection and resources made available to them.

However, ‘Porn Literacy’ may fail to effectively address porn culture, particularly if it’s the version advocated for by UK voice Jenni Murray, Read More

How much evidence is enough when it comes to porn, children and harm?

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What’s all the fuss about? I mean, really, does porn harm children? Does stumbling across a few nudes really impact a child and their understanding of the world? And if it does harm them, where’s the evidence?

Kids now live in a culture that is significantly different to even as recent as five years ago. The proliferation of mobile devices and broadband Internet changed everything and research is struggling to keep up.

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Masculinity needs a defrag!

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The future generations of men in our lives are regressing rather than progressing forward in life. Whilst the modern girl has her fair share of obstacles to overcome, particularly related to equality and violent attitudes towards women, many are excelling academically, physically and socially. At the same time, many boys seem to be left behind with lower grades at school and dysfunctional social skills. Philip Zimbardo at a recent TEDx talk, explained that “boys are 30% more likely than girls to drop out of school and are 5 times more likely to have ADHD.” Their school academic skills, mental health and emotional state are just the tip of the iceberg.

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