Youth Wellbeing Project equips you to critique porn’s impact on individuals, relationships, families, communities & nations

CriticalPornIQ program resources

CriticalPornIQ is a whole-school approach to counteract porn culture. Releasing in 2017, CriticalPornIQ equips Primary & Secondary Schools to implement policies and learning materials for students, and directs staff & parents to further support.

  • CriticalPornIQ is a whole-school approach to educate children and young people about pornography
  • CriticalPornIQ provides complete lesson plans and resources for each year level – from Year 1 to Year 12
  • CriticalPornIQ provides guidelines for implementation and suggestions for school policies
  • CriticalPornIQ provides tools to educate parents and engage the school community
  • CriticalPornIQ is grounded in Holistic Sexuality Education Principles
  • CriticalPornIQ provides skills for staff, parents, children and young people to develop Critical Porn Analysis

Critical Porn Analysis

If we, as a society, have any hope of raising kids to stand against the onslaught of porn culture and tsunami of power imbalanced messages it ushers with it, we need something much stronger than porn literacy. We need ‘Critical Porn Analysis’ which is a much tougher conversation. This approach asks how porn is impacting individuals, relationships, families, communities and nations. And it asks kids and teens to play a conscientious role in healing the harms done thus far.

Critical Porn Analysis teaches kids online protective behaviours; the impact of pornography on the brain that triggers arousal and orgasm to ‘scenes’ that are not a part of most adults’ relationships; the addictive nature of pornography; high rates of erectile dysfunction and arousal disorders experienced by long term users; body image issues and performance anxieties; and pornography’s contribution to relationship breakdowns and divorce.

Critical Porn Analysis exposes the multi-billion-dollar industry that influences the construction of sexuality and hijacks natural bents to previously unwanted desires. It highlights how watching porn fuels human trafficking and the ever-increasing demand for women and children to be sold into slavery. It stresses how porn promotes acceptance of attitudes that promote inequality, racism and degradation – and refuses to call this entertainment. It provides an upfront conversation about increasing sexual violence towards women, triggered by partners who insist they need to get off by replicating what they repeatedly watch online. And a ‘Critical Porn Analysis’ is honest about how porn deceives a significant minority of young people into ‘self-exploitation’ and behaving in harmful ways towards themselves and others.

Yes, we absolutely need to educate our kids and teens about porn. But when you hear the word ‘porn literacy’, ask a few more questions before you say ‘yes’.

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Ways porn harms children & young people

Specialist cohort presentations on pornography

We consistently find that the topic schools need most support with is how to talk about pornography. For children and young people to be resilient to the impacts of pornography, Youth Wellbeing Project provides cohort presentations taking a critical porn analysis approach. With presentations available for every age and stage of development, primary school sessions are best delivered in classroom size, whilst secondary schools will benefit from cohort presentations.

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