[nectar_dropcap color=”#ce0e0e”]Y[/nectar_dropcap]outh Wellbeing Project decided that a brand new year was all the reason we needed to morph from one season to the next and celebrate with a fresh look. Our new design compliments the logos of BODY and RELATIONSHIP IQ programs. The circle symbolises a never-ending continuum of learning about sexuality throughout life, within the context of balanced boundaries. Red remains our core colour, with differing hues representing love, light and passion. Two people connect at the heart and face-to-face: the underpinning of healthy sexuality and essential for young people to master in order to thrive in life and build healthy communities.

Empower Youth

Invest in Community

Impact the Future

The bigger vision of Empowering Youth, Investing in Community and Impacting the Future is stronger than it’s ever been. And along the way we have also been able to clearly articulate seven foundational principles that underpin our balanced approach to relationships and sexuality education.

  1. Valuing self and others is foundational to building healthy, equitable relationships.
  2. Informed choices enhance physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, sexual and relational wellbeing.
  3. Increased empathy, respect for diversity and relationship boundaries enables young people to overcome gender-based inequalities.
  4. Improved protective behaviours and emotional & relational intelligence strengthens children and young people’s resilience.
  5. Pornography is an exploitative industry. Providing a critical analysis equips youth to understand how it distorts perceptions of self and others, detrimentally impacts relationships, and contributes to violence in culture.
  6. Sexuality is a multi-dimensional and central aspect of life-long human development that underpins the thriving of self-esteem, self-confidence and mastery of self-expression.
  7. Sexual integrity is foundational to meaningful and authentic connection and ensures empowerment to make well informed decisions in sexual matters now and well into the future.

The team at Youth Wellbeing Project exists solely to provide you with the tools and skills you need to impart these principles into the young people you work with. If you are yet to discover the schools education, parent workshops and professional development we provide, take the time to look around and find out how we can support you. We look forward to continuing the journey and we hope that you will join us!

Liz Walker

Author Liz Walker

Sexuality & pornography educator and advocate. Liz provides consultancy, schools education & presentations, and is sought after internationally.

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