Youth Wellbeing Project was founded in 2010 and operated as a social enterprise based in Brisbane, Australia. Our global vision was to support children and young people to think critically about porn and other cultural influences, enabling them to develop safe and healthy relationships.

In June 2022, we began the transition to become Young and Aware, merging Youth Wellbeing Project and Porn Resilient Kids into one site. The historical initiatives and new look are all under the direction of Liz Walker. In her role as an educator and advocate spanning twelve years, Liz responds to online porn harm and is dedicated to culture-shifting initiatives that equip children & young people. You can learn more about Liz’s involvement in other culture-shifting initiatives that respond to online porn harm on her website.

Exciting things are planned for Young and Aware, with a high priority on supporting homeschooling and unschooling initiatives. We invite you to visit our new website and sign up for updates to learn more.