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Educators and Community Leaders Professional Training
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Youth Wellbeing Project is a social enterprise based in Brisbane, Australia. Our global vision is to support children and young people to think critically about porn and other cultural influences, enabling them to develop safe and healthy relationships.

Youth Wellbeing Project promotes safe & healthy relationships free from tech & sexualised harms through research-based education.

We provide student presentations, program curriculum, professional training, parent and community workshops, and resources for schools and families. Our education prevents porn and other sexual harms and enhances children and young people’s online, social and emotional relationships.

Youth Wellbeing Project presentations, programs, and resources offer a positive and respectful approach to relationships and sexuality that understand young people’s developmental stages and respond to the researched harms of pornography.

We provide research-based education to guide children and young people to avoid the onset of risky sexual behaviours (online and offline) that may contribute to emotional, psychological, social and other health risks.


Recognise that valuing self and valuing others are essential pillars to building satisfying and equitable relationships.


Equip Young People With Accurate Information To Make Proactive And Healthy Choices That Enhance Their Physical, Emotional, Mental, Spiritual, Sexual & Relational Wellbeing.


Promote Empathy And Relational Boundaries to Enable Young People To Communicate Respectfully Across Personal, Cultural And Social Differences.


Prioritise The Prevention Of Sexual Harms By Building Social And Emotional Intelligences.


Position Pornography Within An Exploitative Framework. Critical Porn Analysis Allows Young People To Explore The Mechanisms Driving The Porn Industry And Its Impacts On Self, Others, Relationships And Culture.


Situate sexuality Within A Much Larger Complex Model Of Personal Identity, influenced by Internal And External Forces. Sexuality Interacts With The Other Areas Of Personal Identity Such As Self-Esteem, Self-Confidence And Self-Expression.


Create Awareness That Sexual Integrity Is Valuing, Developing And Expressing Sexuality In Ways That Are Non-Exploitive, Mutually Wanted, Unifying And Life-Enhancing. Sexual Integrity Is Foundational To Meaningful And Authentic Connection.


The Holistic Model of Sexuality depicts the internal and external forces at work in and around our identity. Human identity is a beautiful and complex phenomenon, partly distinguished through the complex and continuous interactions between these internal and external environments. No two people are the same, and the effects of these interactions will vary from person to person. This individuation is why the fingerprint is a perfect emblem of personal identity. The Holistic Model of Sexuality captures the process in which these environments negotiate–allowing for a critical examination of the factors that influence our identity.

The Holistic Model of Sexuality informs Youth Wellbeing Project presentations and IQ PROGRAMS.

Porn & Online Safeguarding Education

Porn & Online Safeguarding Education (POSE) supports children and young people to build critical literacy skills to minimise porn and other online or contact harms, equipping them for wellbeing. This education includes age-sensitive information to inform safe, respectful, trusting, consenting, and equal relationships.

POSE situates porn education within a framework of balancing content around other pivotal areas of accepted child development and safeguarding education. Elements include Online Safety, Protective Behaviours, Mental Wellbeing, and Relationships and Sexuality Education. Youth Wellbeing Project presentations and IQ PROGRAMS work within the Porn & Online Safeguarding Education framework.


Liz Walker

Managing Director

Liz Walker is an educator and advocate responding to porn harms, dedicated to culture-shifting initiatives that equip children & young people. Liz provides schools and community education as Managing Director of Youth Wellbeing Project–an exceptional communicator and passionate advocate for children and young people. Initiatives include IQ PROGRAMS, a whole-school educational package designed to equip educators for the task of supporting kids and teens to author their future; and Porn Resilient Kids: equipping families for tricky conversations through children's books and resources.
Liz is also Co-Chair of Connecting to Protect: a Global Response to Address the Mental Health and Safety Consequences to Children and Young People Accessing Online Pornography. Previous roles include co-founding the Australian registered health promotion charity eChildhood. Key focusses included progressing Age Verification forward in Australia and collaborating to develop a public health approach to mobilise responses that reduce the harms of pornography on children and young people. Additionally, Liz facilitated parent education for four years as Director of Health Education at Culture Reframed. Well connected internationally, Liz provides consultancy to government, nonprofit, and professional organisations; and counteracts porn culture through a 'Critical Porn Analysis' educational response

Megan Williamson

Curriculum Development, Secondary Specialist & Presenter

Curriculum Development, Secondary Specialist & Presenter
Based in Brisbane, Megan is available to educate, equip and empower young people, leaders, teachers and parents on how to respond proactively and preventatively to the evolving demands of the digital age. Megan is a powerful and passionate teacher, trainer and youth wellbeing advocate with over ten years of teaching and youth work experience. Alongside her teaching degree, Megan has also studied counselling, majoring in youth trauma and resilience. Consequently, she is passionate about establishing preventative and restorative programs and resources in response to the sexual harms and risks young people navigate in our hypersexualised culture and pornography.

Chanel Loveridge

Curriculum Development & Primary School Presenter

Based in Brisbane, Chanel has been in the education field for almost ten years. Chanel worked with Youth Wellbeing Project in the early days of establishment and re-joined the team after a lengthy break to continue her studies. An integral team member, Chanel develops the curriculum for IQ PROGRAMS – equipping educators to support kids and teens to author their future. Meeting child-safety, developmental and wellbeing needs, teachers receive guided narratives and comprehensive tools to help them deliver tricky conversations confidently. The educational packages COMPASS IQ for children under 12, and AGENCY IQ for teens over 12, are an integrated part of the IQ PROGRAMS, safeguarding kids and fortifying youth in online and physical environments. Chanel is passionate about training and equipping children with new knowledge. Chanel holds an undergraduate degree in International Relations and Cultural Communications studies and has completed her Masters in Primary School Education.

Asha Stander

New Zealand Primary and Secondary Specialist & Presenter

New Zealand Primary and Secondary Specialist & Presenter
Asha is a Canadian educator living in Wellington, New Zealand. She has been teaching primary and intermediate school for the past two years. Before her Bachelor in Education, Asha was working as a youth and family counsellor. She worked to help young people who struggled with problematic sexual behaviours and a history of sexual assault. Asha also has a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Sociology. During her degree, she took extensive classes on human sexuality. While working as a counsellor, Asha did training on sexually intrusive behaviours. Her passions include sexual health education, raising awareness about the harmful effects of pornography, and studying the human brain. With over a decade of experience working with youth, Asha has dedicated her life to children and teens. Asha is passionate about providing children and youth with the skills to understand how to be safe in a digital world. Education is the way forward. Knowledge is power.

Naomi Oksanen

Primary & Secondary School Presenter

Naomi is passionate about seeing young people live out healthy relationships. This includes relationships with friends, family and significant others. She is a dynamic and energetic presenter who relates well with all audiences no matter how young or old, experienced in delivering presentations, fitness classes and kinder music. Her unique style encourages interaction and critical reflection even from the younger age groups. When facilitating discussions surrounding the harms of pornography and sexual health, Naomi provides an environment that allows such topics to be explored in a fun, friendly and safe manner. Currently in her final year as a counselling student, Naomi’s main special interest areas include sexuality, spirituality and relationships.

Craig Walker

Business Manager

Craig's pivotal role keeps things running behind the scenes. Previously managing a family business for 16 years, Craig now stands alongside Liz to ensure things function efficiently. Craig is enrolled in further education through Queensland University of Technology (QUT), has completed a Business Degree, and is furthering his studies in a Master of Philanthropy and Nonprofit. Craig has experience in business management, training, development and administration, and extensive experience in the financial sector and sales. Craig is an invaluable part of the Youth Wellbeing Project team – analytical, dependable and meticulous. He looks after the family when Liz travels and is incredibly supportive of her success and global influence with addressing the negative impacts of porn.

Rosielle Diaz

Virtual Assistant

Rosielle is an essential part of the Youth Wellbeing Project team and works tirelessly behind the scenes with administration, marketing, design and many other necessary tasks. Rosielle graduated with a degree in Psychology from De La Salle University in Manila, Philippines. She loves working for Youth Wellbeing Project because she knows her support is helping make a positive difference in children and young people's lives. Growing up, Rosielle had questions about body image, sexuality and relationships that did not receive adequate answers. In working with Youth Wellbeing Project, Rosielle finds energy in knowing that her support helps ensure resources are available to young people to help them build a foundation for healthy sexuality.

Gabe Deem

Former Porn Addict, Advocate and Educator

Captivated by online porn as a child, Gabe consistently watched high-speed internet porn from age 12. Growing up at a time when watching porn was a cultural expectation, he had no idea that what he thought was pleasurable, fun, and "sex-positive" would negatively affect him. As time went by, his ability to become aroused with a real girl decreased. He eventually became dependent on porn and developed porn-induced erectile dysfunction (PIED) at age 23.
After recovering from an addiction and porn-induced sexual dysfunction himself, he has spent years studying the science of porn's effects. He now runs, a free, online community with over 15,000 members, which helps addicts and their partners overcome problems related to porn use. With a passion for assisting others and raising awareness, he started an educational YouTube channel, The Reboot Nation, which has amassed over a million views.
Gabe now speaks at colleges and conferences internationally and was recently invited to talk to the cadets at West Point and Capitol Hill to address Congress members about porn's impact on youth. He was featured in a TIME Magazine cover story in 2016 and has shared his story with Rolling Stone, MTV, Chelsea Handler, Katie Couric, and many others. He has written pieces for Huffington Post and Cosmopolitan and has a paper published Dignity, a peer-reviewed journal.

Melissa Willow

Primary School Educator

Melissa Willow has been in primary school education for over twenty years. During this time, she has noticed a concerning increase in the overall use of devices by primary school students. Additionally, she has observed an alarming lack of knowledge on the part of parents about the multitude of dangers children face when left unsupervised online. Melissa uses her expertise as a school teacher to critique all programs offered by Youth Wellbeing Project. She is passionate about educating students to use critical thinking when making decisions online.

Is Free Porn Destroying our Brains?

School kids today are watching porn like never before. It’s free, instant and having a devastating effect. New Zealand investigative journalists spoke to porn users and porn addicts, sex educator Liz Walker, and a top international scientist who says this new type of porn can alter our brains. This documentary is excellent for the classroom.

The importance of education about pornography

What impact does high-speed internet porn have on young people who grow up using it? What are the potential adverse effects? This short segment focuses on the importance of education–part of the documentary Is free pornography destroying our brains?