Below we have provided a few suggestions for filters, apps and recovery programs. Searching for a porn addiction forum online can also help – some people find that joining a community of other porn users trying to quit can be encouraging (join a subthread of similar-aged young people and there’s often subthreads for Christians). Plus, remember that your a counsellor, chaplain or pastoral team member can be a fabulous person to connect with.

While you are here, remember to take a look around. Our resources include our Global Online Presentations and ProgramsParent Help 101, and our Essential Resources webpage where you can find all our favourites! If you can’t find what you are looking for, please reach out and ask!

Online Recovery Programs
Filters and apps
Accountability Tools
Online Support Groups
Counselling and Education

Online Recovery Programs

Fortify Program is designed to equip individuals struggling with compulsive pornography use – young and old – with tools, education and community to assist them in reaching lasting freedom. Their mission is to help spark an uprising of people tired of porn messing with their lives – and ready for something far better. The perfect tool help change behaviour – free for youth aged 13-17. Affordable for those aged 18 and over.

STRIVE – Thousands of Men are Breaking Free from Porn with STRIVE. Discover the keys to a life of freedom through the STRIVE 21-Day Challenge.

Filters and Apps

Safe Surfer – COMPLETE 24/7 PROTECTION. Protect all devices connected to your Home WiFi and your mobile devices with Safe Surfer.

Addicted to porn?

Reboot your brain. Reboot your life.
Brainbuddy rewires your brain, helping you create healthy new synaptic pathways that free you from porn addiction. Forever.

XBlock Porn Blocker – Block Porn on your iPhone and iPad. Safe Browsing in Safari by Blocking Millions of Porn Sites and Filtering Explicit Content. Only on iOS. COST – $46.99

Accountability Tools

Covenant Eyes – Beat Porn. Together. Designed to help you and those you love live free from pornography through the power of screen accountability.

X3 Watch – internet accountability for men and women who want to live porn-free.

Support Groups

X3groups – online small groups for men or women that meet at the same time every week. These groups are led by trained men and women who will help you find freedom, accountability and community.

Counselling and Education

rTribe – Live connected. Feel better. Online counseling, coaching, and healing in community.

The Grace Spot – exists to educate all people on the reality of female pornography use and to break the stigma that only men struggle with this issue.

DGM Community – exists to provide women with help, hope, and healing from pornography and sexual addiction through safe, confidential online community and access to unique recovery resources.

Fight the New Drug – a non-religious and non-legislative organization that exists to provide individuals the opportunity to make an informed decision regarding pornography by raising awareness on its harmful effects using only science, facts, and personal accounts.