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Liz Walker

Age Verification in Australia

A step closer to Age Verification in Australia

By Technology One Comment
15 months after Committee Recommendations for Age Verification, the Australian Government finally responds in support The Australian Federal Government has finally responded to calls to protect children from online pornography. The response is encouraging but there is still much to be done. On March 5, 2020, the House of Representatives Standing...
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The role of pornography in influencing sexual violence

By Pornography
Youth Wellbeing Project provides expertise specific to the role of pornography in contributing to harms on children and young people. These harms include porn’s role:  in shaping sexual scripts, thereby influencing child and youth attitudes and behaviours and as such, their social environment. as a “how to” manual for children...
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Responding to pornography disclosure

By Pornography, School Newsletters
Research has found that early childhood teachers, primary educators and carers to identify and respond to young children displaying “problematic sexual behaviours”. There's an increase in the number of children under 10 years of age exhibiting harmful sexual behaviour towards each other - one of the related factors is exposure...
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Prevention of Violence Against Girls and Women

By School Newsletters
We hear a lot about preventing violence against women, however, it's less common to hear how pornography contributes to this violence. And if we are not asking the right questions about the vehicle that's delivering violence directly into our youth's collective cultural psyche, we won't be effective in responding. When...
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Why every word matters

By School Newsletters
This update is from one of our parent supporters–sharing an invaluable experience about online bullying. I recently had an experience that shook me more than I could have imagined. To understand the situation, here's a quick background update. I live in a community surrounded by supportive, compassionate and loving friends...
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