Like it or not, pornography is the main sex educator of youth. Children as young as 8-years-old or younger are exposed to violent pornography. However, many educators and health & wellbeing professionals feel overwhelmed and ill-equipped to tackle the problem of pornography. What does the research say? What are the fallouts from a multi-billion dollar profit-driven and often violent industry shaping the sexual templates of children? How do we engage in conversation about it? Why is it being considered a public health crisis by some governments? What technological solutions should we be considering? How can we address this within our community services, schools and parent groups?

Between little minds not being equipped to process the nature of such explicit content, and a ‘wait and see’ approach by Australia’s decision makers, our best defence is to increase kids resilience through education. This full-day professional development is presented in two separate yet complementary workshops by Liz Walker, sought after expert both here in Australia and Internationally. With practical solutions presented on every level, this is an essential event for anyone interested in the wellbeing of children and young people. BOOKINGS ARE CLOSED. Minimum numbers required to proceed.

The same workshops are repeated Brisbane Northside & Southside – attend either Thursday 24th or Friday 25th January, 2019. Full day or half-day options are available.

Workshop 1: 9.00pm-12.00pm – Responding to pornography through a public health lens

Workshop 2: 1.00pm-4.00pm – Resilience to Porn – the missing link in Sexuality Education & Cyber Safety