IQ programs increase intelligence

All IQ programs are in development and review stages, scheduled for re-launch in 2018. Please submit an enquiry if you have any questions.

Youth Wellbeing Project also has qualified team members available to deliver presentations.

BodyIQ programs for primary schools help children learn to listen to internal responses that keep them safe.

Content is designed to support children to make decisions that enhance their health and safety both online and offline, enabling them to explore their own sense of self and the factors that contribute to and influence their identities. Children learn about emotions, how to enhance their interactions with others, and the protective factors required to keep them safe from sexual harms and in charge of their changing body.

RelationshipIQ programs for secondary schools assist young people learn to exercise empathy and respectfully relate to one another.

Content equips secondary school students with insight into sexuality as a multi-dimensional, diverse and central aspect of being human; empowers young people to make proactive choices to prevent unexpected pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections; encourages healthy, respectful and equitable relationships; addresses gender-based violence, discrimination and bullying whilst creating empathy & resilience; and creates awareness that sexual integrity is foundational to meaningful & authentic connection.

Coming soon: SafetyIQ for Primary Schools and PreventionIQ for Middle and High Schools. To learn more, sign up here.

BodyIQ + SafetyIQ + RelationshipIQ + PreventionIQ = Intelligence for life

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