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The role of pornography in influencing sexual violence

By Pornography
Youth Wellbeing Project provides expertise specific to the role of pornography in contributing to harms on children and young people. These harms include porn’s role:  in shaping sexual scripts, thereby influencing child and youth attitudes and behaviours and as such, their social environment. as a “how to” manual for children...
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Responding to pornography disclosure

By Pornography, School Newsletters
Research has found that early childhood teachers, primary educators and carers to identify and respond to young children displaying “problematic sexual behaviours”. There's an increase in the number of children under 10 years of age exhibiting harmful sexual behaviour towards each other - one of the related factors is exposure...
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Porn Literacy: the wrong approach

By Mental Health, Pornography
A new conversation is happening in educational circles, with many speaking up about the need for kids and teens to become ‘porn literate’. It is increasingly evident that kids cannot cope with the onslaught of pornographic images they can openly access at the click of a button. Some kids mimic...
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