Parent Help 101

Parent Help 101 helps you to keep kids safe as they navigate a culture filled with explicit images and harmful themes. This education is a MUST DO but it doesn’t need to daunting!

Parent Help 101 directs families to our favourite resources to help you raise porn resilient kids and critical-thinking teens. If you can’t find what you are looking for, please reach out and ask!

Porn Resilient Kids

An extensive list of resources and services to equip families with younger children for tricky conversations – an initiative of Youth Wellbeing Project.

Children’s books

Tricky conversations made easy with children’s books: Milly’s Message: protecting kids online written for ages 5-10, and Hamish and the Shadow Secret for kids aged 8-12.

Free Fact Sheets

To learn about porn accessibility and it’s harms, child-on-child sexual abuse, tech-facilitated harms and more, download our free Fact Sheets.

Parents of Teens Resources

Essential websites and videos to get informed about porn, including filters, apps & recovery resources.

Parents Program

Culture Reframed provides a free online complete best-practice toolkit, which will help you raise porn-resilient kids.

Parental Controls & Reporting

Learn about parental controls and other tools to maximise online safety in your home. eSafety can also help with reports for cyberbullying, image-based abuse and illegal and harmful content.

Your safer smarter device for kids

G-mee delivers the things you want and removes the things you don’t. Check out G-mee Connect: Your Kids’ First Smart Phone and G-Mee Play: Your Kids’ First Smart Player.

Kids & screens guide

Safeguard kids for digital, relational, emotional and mental wellbeing by downloading our free kids & screens guide—a measured & balanced parenting approach for every age and stage.

Intervention & Recovery

For targeted information to intervene with children and young people displaying problematic sexual behaviours, Culture Reframed provides a free program.