Youth Wellbeing Project strengthens parents’ to communicate confidently with their kids about sexuality, relationships and the issues of pornography.

Proactive & Protective Parenting in a Digital Age

Youth Wellbeing Project 90-minute presentations are available for parents and caregivers of children or youth, or combined.

Pornography access and consumption has gained concerning momentum among children and young people, and is likely set to continue in the years ahead. Porn has the potential to negatively impact our kids by confusing and shaping their understanding of sex, healthy relationships and personal identity.

This presentation will equip you with fresh insights into the ways children and young people can internalise pornographic messages, which may then shape attitudes, behaviours and expectations, orient online habits, and negatively impact brain, social and emotional development.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how to have these important discussions in your family. Gain essential knowledge and skills, and be directed to resources to effectively respond.


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