Youth Wellbeing Project equips professionals to understand what skills young people need to critique porn culture and choose healthy connections.

Options for professional development include:

  • inservice

  • conferences

  • workshops: Counteracting Porn Culture

  • online training videos

  • #SexEdOnline paid support

Inservice for schools and youth agencies

When it comes to teaching Relationships and Sexuality education, the majority of teachers indicate they need assistance. A survey of Australian Secondary Teachers in 2010 found that the more sensitive a topic was, the more often assistance was needed by teachers.

As relationships and sexuality education is a specialist subject, staff often feel overwhelmed. Youth Wellbeing Project inservice may be tailored to your organisation’s needs. Examples of Professional Development sessions on offer include:

  • Whole-person sex ed: what is it and why does our school need it?
  • Safety first: Abuse, consent and reporting
  • Pornography: a Critical Analysis
  • Impact of communication technology on sexuality and relationships
  • The impact of media on sexuality and identity: counteracting the impacts
  • Understanding sexual development and gender
  • Sexually Transmitted Infections and contraception
  • Avoiding unwanted or unplanned sex and its outcomes
  • Teachers partnering with Parents – creating the balance between sex education responsibilities

Whatever your team’s needs, contact us today.

Conference keynotes and workshops

An event’s success depends upon the quality of speakers involved. If they are engaging, educational, entertaining and empowering, the event impresses and equips delegates and the organisers are applauded. If speakers are ordinary, everyone involved is let down. We understand the research that goes into selecting the right speaker for a professional event so whether it’s a keynote or breakout session, we are happy to arrange a free consultation to discuss. Please complete the booking enquiry so we can help you get your event set for success.

A presentation endorsement


To Whom it May Concern:
Liz Walker spoke at the recent Australasian Institute of Sexual Health Medicine 2015 conference in Sydney where she presented a talk on the effects of the porn culture on young people called ‘Implications of porn use for Teen Mental Wellbeing’.

Liz is an exceptionally passionate and articulate speaker who has thoroughly researched her topic and presents in an accessible and interesting manner. Her message is strong and uncompromising, backed by clinical experience and research. An expert in this controversial area I expect to see Liz on the world stage in the near future warning of the effects of the porn culture on future generations.

Alison Richardson
Director – AISHM
(Australasian Institute of Sexual Health Medicine)

Counteracting Porn Culture Workshops

Schools regularly share with us that they are struggling to meet the increasing demands of supporting young people to counteract porn culture.

Following the success of these workshops in 2015 and 2016, Liz Walker will again be delivering her popular workshops late 2017, in events around Australia and New Zealand in major cities. Bookings are also available for individual organisations. Make an enquiry today.

This was the most well presented and interactive workshop I have been to in years. It was thorough, yet concise. If you are working with teens in a supportive role then this course is a MUST SEE. – Psychologist

I really enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere of this workshop and felt able to discuss or ask any questions. Thank you. – School Based Youth Health Nurse

The workshop was well presented and informative supported by great resources. – Health & Physical Education Teacher

This workshop was indeed an ‘eye opening’ experience for me. It gave me an insight into how the teenage brain operates in this sexually explicit world we are living. – School Based Youth Health Nurse
I would recommend this workshop to ANYONE who interacts with young people, be it parents, teachers, nurses, social workers or even teens themselves. – Sexual Abuse Support Worker

Eye opening and thorough day course. Liz Walker was so knowledgeable and well prepared. I feel far better resourced in my role with youth. – Youth Worker
Best course on the subject I have attended. Highlighted the extreme exposure our teens are facing today through the internet. Gave us some good tools/resources to begin informing youth. – Youth Pastor

Excellent delivery, detailed and relevant content with useful resources. The workshop was empowering and equipping, so that we can effectively reach out to the young people we work with. – Wellbeing Team / Counsellor

Online training videos

Do you live in a remote region or overseas? Never have the time or finances to attend quality professional development? This highly sought after training is now available online. The Counteracting Porn Culture Workshop meets the increasing demands of supporting young people to counteract porn culture. Almost as good as actually attending, these videos were filmed during a live full-day workshop in August 2016. Download the Online Video Training Outline and secure your access now.

#SexEdOnline paid support

So many of our clients are unable to attend our workshops or reach us any other way than online. To meet this need, Youth Wellbeing Project provides online support for Youth Workers, Health & Physical Education teachers, wellbeing staff, counsellors and educators. This is available in the following ways.

1. #SexEdOnline Licensed Support Specifically for organisations who have purchased IQ programs, this access includes tailored program resources:

BODY IQ Level 1 Resources
BODY IQ Level 3 Resources
RELATIONSHIP IQ Level 4 Resources
RELATIONSHIP IQ Level 5 Resources

2. #SexEdOnline Closed Facebook Group This space provides ongoing discussions with other like-minded professionals within a CLOSED Facebook group, enabling learners to connect, discuss sexuality content, debate concepts, share ideas and encourage one another. This space is only available to those who have connected with one of our paid services.

3. #SexEdOnline Youth Sexual Health Essential Content Guide This online space covers everything from accessing a local GP, helping young people get a Medicare card, linking with a local STI clinic, Sexually Transmitted Infections, Pregnancy, Sexual Diversity, abuse, respect, consent, pornography, sexualisation and MUCH, MUCH MORE! Included with all our program purchases or available separately – 12 months access is available for $55.

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