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A large percentage of children and young people are accessing porn—education for prevention of harms is essential.

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Every young person has a right to know how porn conditions the brain and can lead to compulsive sexual behaviour.

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Online porn often depicts violence and normalises extreme themes—at times, this leads to sexual coercion and assault.

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An increasing number of countries are addressing pornography as a child safety issue and public health crisis.

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The Culture Reframed Academic Library contains peer-reviewed journal articles and selected reports from the last twenty years. Drawing from multiple disciplines, the articles in this library explore the ways in which pornography consumption has an impact at both the micro and macro levels.

Filters, apps & recovery resources

Find suggestioned filters, apps and recovery resources—investigate the right platform(s) to help you and your family block porn, recover from harms and get informed.

Online Info for Youth

Learning accurate information about tricky topics can be one of the best ways to gain perspective, feel more empowered, take control of boundaries and choose positive behaviours.

Critical Porn Analysis

CPA is an educational response to the researched harms of pornography, critiquing impacts on individuals, relationships, families, communities & nations through a public health lens.

Helpful Videos

Click through for videos to support conversations about the impacts of pornography. Plus, find additional videos specific to the research on the research link pages above.

Why do young people need help to navigate safe & healthy relationships?

The research on how porn triggers addiction, impacts mental health, shapes attitudes and behaviours, and can affect relationships leaves little doubt about its influence. Porn and Online Harms Education and the development of critical-thinking skills is essential for children and young people to have a fighting chance.