Research shows that young people often prefer external service providers to deliver relationships and sexuality education. However, some schools train and equip staff to confidently deliver this specialist subject. Whatever your school’s needs, we have support to assist your requirements and budget.

Available presentation formats:

  • relationships, development and pornography education may be implemented by staff within schools

  • relationships, development and pornography education may be presented by one of our qualified team

  • specialist cohort presentations on pornography may be presented by one of our qualified team

Implemented by staff within schools

IQ PROGRAMS are developed by professionals, for professionals. We take the guesswork out and save schools hundreds of hours in relationship and sexuality education program development by providing comprehensive lesson plans ready for delivery.

  • IQ PROGRAMS respond to student protection requirements and prevent sexual harms by addressing the impact of sexually explicit material and analysing its influence on behaviours.
  • IQ PROGRAMS provide inclusive, age-appropriate content and sequential delivery as a whole-school approach.
  • IQ PROGRAMS target the malleable phases of childhood development to reinforce healthy and metacognitive thought processes, setting a strong foundation for lifelong learning.
  • IQ PROGRAMS offer guidelines for implementation and suggestions for school policies, processes, and practices.
  • IQ PROGRAMS reflect the Social and Emotional Learning approach advocated by CASEL, fostering self-awareness, self-management, responsible decision-making, relationship skills and social awareness.
  • IQ PROGRAMS adopt a holistic sexuality education approach that covers a broad range of issues relating to the physical, emotional, social and cultural aspects of development.
  • IQ PROGRAMS foster a balanced and positive attitude to sexual wellbeing.

FOR EDUCATORS: receive online training and comprehensive lesson plans and resources, informed by sound conceptual frameworks and relevant research. Face-to-face training is available upon request.

FOR STUDENTS: gain the self-awareness and critical thinking skills necessary for informed decision-making so they can confidently navigate hypersexualised culture and other 21st century challenges.

FOR PARENTS: partnership with the school community, detailed information on lesson content, and access to free online tools to learn about hypersexualised media and porn. Face-to-face training is available upon request.


Presented by one of our qualified team

We specialise in providing tailor-made classroom sessions, taking pressure of staff overwhelmed with the thought of delivering sexuality education amidst other competing demands. Our Primary and Secondary classroom sessions include hands-on activities, games and lesson worksheets. Delivered in a relaxed manner by qualified educators, students are confident to ask questions and lean on much needed expertise. Utilising the IQ program materials as a starting point, sessions are tailored to suit timetabling and budget. Please complete the booking inquiry below to arrange a free consultation.

Liz Walker

Managing Director

Megan Williamson

Secondary School Specialist

Chanel Loveridge

Primary School Specialist

Nadine Willis

Canadian Programs Manager

Tamara Newlands

Sydney Programs Manager

Specialist cohort presentations on pornography

Increasingly, schools are requesting support with how to talk to children and young people about pornography. To help youth make informed decisions to confidently navigate hypersexualised culture, Youth Wellbeing Project provides cohort presentations that adopt a critical porn analysis approach. Ask how we can help you start the conversation.

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