Every year, we support thousands of young people to build connected relationships in a porn saturated culture. We empower youth to make informed, positive and safe decisions—encouraging them to develop a strong identity and healthy online and offline relationships. Leading experts design and deliver Youth Wellbeing Project presentations. Whether you need a presenter, professional development, curriculum to deliver in schools, or support for families – we can help.


Year level presentations on pornography

Increasingly, schools request specialist support to talk to children and young people on the issue of pornography. Youth Wellbeing Project presentations adopt a critical porn analysis approach to help youth make informed decisions on how to confidently navigate hypersexualised culture. Ask how we can help you start the conversation.

What will Youth Wellbeing Project deliver?

  • Evidence-based, inclusive, age-appropriate workshops
  • Critical thinking to counteract hypersexualised porn culture
  • Qualified expert teachers and presenters
  • Recommended support links for students to find help for tricky situations
  • Additional lesson plan suggestions for teachers
  • Practical responses to challenges faced by young people
  • Whole-school approach & review tools to update and enhance existing approaches
  • Optional classroom curriculum for delivery by teachers

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Delivery by staff within schools

IQ PROGRAMS are developed by educators, for educators. We take the guesswork out and save schools hundreds of hours of time and effort by providing comprehensive lesson plans ready for delivery.

IQ PROGRAMS are a whole-school educational package designed to equip kids & youth to confidently navigate hypersexualised culture and other 21st century challenges.

EACH IQ PROGRAM contains sequenced units that are comprised of 2-3 lesson clusters. Each unit targets topics in a way that is inclusive, current and age-appropriate

  • IQ PROGRAMS support schools in responding to child protection requirements and preventing sexual harms by addressing the impacts of sexually explicit materials and analysing its influence on behaviour and psychology, both personally and socially.
  • IQ PROGRAMS adopt a holistic sexuality education approach, fostering a healthy understanding of sexual wellbeing among students and addressing a broad range of issues relating to their physical, emotional, social and cultural aspects of personal development.
  • As students’ progress through the IQ PROGRAMS, they gain the self-awareness and critical thinking skills necessary for informed decision-making so they can confidently navigate hypersexualised culture and other 21st century challenges.

Consultancy Services

Youth Wellbeing Project can help you achieve your goals for building a positive and healthy school community in the area of relationships & sexuality education for children, teens, parents and educators.

Liz Walker has provided consultancy for public and private schooling sectors, government departments and not-for-profit organisations. Liz is a founding board director of eChildhood, an Australian registered health promotion charity dedicated to mobilising responses that reduce the harmful effects of pornography on children and young people. Liz is also the Director of Health Education at Culture Reframed, taking the global lead as the first health promotion effort to recognize and address pornography as the public health crisis of the digital age. With a broad depth of knowledge, Liz is passionate about ensuring that professionals understand this topic. Contact Liz to discuss how she can support your school today.

Meet our presenters

We take the pressure off staff by providing tailor-made classroom sessions. We understand teachers can be overwhelmed at the thought of delivering sexuality education amidst other curriculum demands. Our Primary and Secondary classroom sessions include hands-on activities and games. Delivered by qualified educators, students are able to ask the real questions and glean from much needed expertise. Sessions are able to be tailored to suit your schools timetable and budget. Please complete the booking inquiry below to arrange a free consultation.

Liz Walker

Managing Director

Megan Williamson

Secondary School Presenter

Chanel Loveridge

Primary School Presenter

Naomi Oksanen

Primary & Secondary School Presenter