Research shows that young people prefer external service providers to deliver Relationships and Sexuality Education. However, some schools employ skilled staff who confidently deliver this specialist subject. Whatever your school’s needs, we have support to assist your requirements and budget.

Relationships & Sexuality education may be:

  • implemented by staff within schools

  • presented by one of our qualified team

  • specialist cohort presentations on pornography

Implemented by staff within schools

Schools regularly share with us how time consuming it is to pull together resources and identify what areas need covering within a holistic approach to relationships and sexuality education. This is why Youth Wellbeing Project developed the IQ programs – to assist in taking the guess work out, and to save schools hundreds of hours in program development. Each IQ program includes a detailed facilitator manual with carefully selected language to keep students safe and support teacher delivery, beautifully designed PowerPoints, student worksheets and tools to assess student learning.

IQ programs equip schools to achieve the Personal, Social and Community Health Content Descriptions as set down in the Australian National Curriculum for Health and Physical Education. Available for Primary and Secondary schools.

Presented by one of our qualified team

We specialise in providing tailor-made classroom sessions, taking pressure of staff overwhelmed with the thought of delivering sexuality education amidst other competing demands. Our Primary and Secondary classroom sessions include hands-on activities, games and lesson worksheets. Delivered in a relaxed manner by Tamara Newlands or Liz Walker, students are confident to ask questions and lean on much needed expertise. Utilising the IQ program materials as a starting point, sessions are then tailored to suit timetabling and budget. Please email to arrange a free consultation to discuss.

Liz Walker

Managing Director

Liz is available to support classroom delivery throughout the Brisbane region; cohort presentations and professional development throughout Australia & New Zealand; and world-wide consultancy. An accredited sexuality educator, Managing Director of Youth Wellbeing Project and Chair of Porn Harms Kids, Liz provides strategies to counteract porn culture and challenge toxic sexuality. Presenting within a whole-person centred sexuality education approach, Liz is a passionate advocate for young people. Initially trained in Community Welfare, Liz furthered her education at Sydney University and specialised in Sexual Health. Liz is a global lead in speaking about the harms of pornography, and provides exceptional resources and presentations to counteract its messages for positive impact.

Tamara Newlands

Sydney Programs Manager

Tamara is available to support classroom delivery and parent workshops throughout the Sydney region. A qualified life coach, Tamara is currently enrolled in further sexuality education through Curtin University; has completed sexuality and gender education qualifications through Rudolf Steiner; has experience in delivering rites of passages programs; and has a track record in training and development, human resources and business management. Tamara is a highly driven passionate, out of the box thought leader and lover of human development. She has a proven track record in supporting youth for change and fulfilment, and enjoys fostering conversations about healthy sexuality to move beyond gender stereotyping and recognise the unique genius within everyone.

Specialist cohort presentations on pornography

We consistently find that the topic schools need most support with is how to talk about pornography. For children and young people to be resilient to the impacts of pornography, Youth Wellbeing Project provides cohort presentations taking a critical porn analysis approach. With presentations available for every age and stage of development, primary school sessions are best delivered in classroom size, whilst secondary schools will benefit from cohort presentations.

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