Why do young people need help to navigate porn culture?

Many young people desire to make the right choices, but without guidance, porn culture grips and exploits their senses, influencing their better judgements.



OF GIRLS FEEL PRESSURED TO SEXT (for attention & acceptance)

We are in the midst of a seismic social experiment

Kids are bombarded by sexualised media messages and free access to explicit pornography.

We provide presentations, professional development and teaching tools to push back against these narratives.

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We adopt a balanced approach to relationships and sexuality

We recognise that valuing self and valuing others are essential pillars to building satisfying and equitable relationships.

Partner with us to equip young people with the self-awareness and critical thinking skills necessary for making informed decisions.

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Liz delivers the sensitive topic of porn with expertise. It is so much better to have Liz present than us fumble through. I highly recommended Liz to other schools!

Assistant PrincipalPrivate Boys School

Tamara is a great child friendly presenter who accommodates the diversity, age and cultural differences. The children felt comfortable talking about it.

Year Level CoordinatorPrivate School

Great workshop! My comprehension of the seriousness of porn’s impact has been hugely increased. An urgent topic to add to Health Sessions in my High School.

Community NurseWestern Australia

This was one of the best workshops I have ever been to in my 22 years as a counsellor. Liz was absolutely amazing – I have told my team they must attend next time!


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July 19, 2019

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March 12, 2019

Prevention of Violence Against Girls and Women

Whilst we hear a lot about preventing violence against women, it's less common to hear how pornography contributes to this violence. And if we are not asking the right questions about the vehicle that's delivering violence directly into our youth's collective cultural psyche, we won't be effective in responding. When…
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February 3, 2019

Why every word matters – lessons to pass on from online bullying

This update is from one of our parent supporters who has an invaluable story to share about online bullying. Schools and community organisations are welcome to use this in their parent newsletters to spread the word about prevention of online bullying and Safer Internet Day, with credit to Youth Wellbeing Project…

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‘porn literacy’

Critiquing the impacts of pornography on individuals, relationships, families, communities & nations