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Equipping families for tricky conversations

Why do young people need help to navigate porn culture?

Many young people desire to make positive choices, but without guidance, porn culture grips and exploits their senses and can influence their better judgements.



OF GIRLS FEEL PRESSURED TO SEXT (for attention & acceptance)

We are in the midst of a seismic social experiment

Kids are bombarded by sexualised media messages and free access to explicit pornography.

We provide presentations, professional development and teaching tools to push back against these narratives.

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We adopt a balanced approach to relationships and sexuality

We recognise that valuing self and valuing others are essential pillars to building satisfying and equitable relationships.

Partner with us to equip young people with the self-awareness and critical thinking skills necessary for making informed decisions.

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2 days ago

Would you let your child have some wine at dinner and the odd cigarette as way to help them learn to self regulate so that as an adult they’ll be in a better position to make the right choices? Most parents would say "absolutely not!". So what are the rules for kids on social media when they do not have the skills or capacity to self regulate? Be sure to use these helpful tips from Porn Resilient Kids as a guide.There are many children currently at home and how many of these are being supervised online despite the warnings❓

How does this scenario sound to you?

👧 Katie is a lively happy little girl. She is a very sociable child albeit somewhat anxious to please.🌸

🤔 One day when Katie is about 5 years old she asks her mum if it would be ok if she went down to the local playground to play with a few friends. Her mum hesitates but agrees when Katie tells her that all her friends are allowed to go.

🤨 As Katie gets older her mum allows her more and more freedom. By the time she is 8 years old, Katie is allowed to pop out in the evening to hang out with friends. Her mum has never met them and never gives Katie a curfew. She trusts Katie and feels it’s very important for Katie to learn from her mistakes at a young age.

😮 When Katie is about 10 years old she asks her mum if she can try driving her car. Her mums agrees. She feels that if Katie learns how to drive sensibly at a young age she’ll be better prepared when she’s older. After all, cars aren’t going anywhere - they are here to stay!

😧 At 12 years old Katie is frequently borrowing the car to see her friends. Her mum has still not met them but Katie is very protective of her privacy. Her mum sees nothing unusual in this and believes everyone has a right to privacy.

🤭 Katie’s mum has also started allowing her to have some wine at dinner and have the odd cigarette. She feels strongly that Katie should learn to self regulate so that as an adult she’ll be in a better position to make the right choices.

😥 Katie spends much of her time away from the family. Her mum accepts this as she feels that Katie is behaving no differently than her peers.

😶 On the odd occasion when her mum feels inclined to say ‘no’ to a request, she stops, reminding herself what it would feel like for Katie to be the only one not allowed to join in. She feels that it would spell social disaster for her child.

❓What parent would typically allow their child to do all (or in some cases some) of the above❓

None of us can predict how this story will end as it’s a little like playing a game of Russian Roulette. In reality, it's highly likely that Katie will have something traumatic happen to her—yet despite how absurd this scenario is, this is an accurate analogy for many children online 😔

The advice for children’s use of devices—irrespective of their age—is straight forward. We've put together some safety tips for protecting kids online - please share.
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Liz delivers the sensitive topic of porn with expertise. It is so much better to have Liz present than us fumble through. I highly recommended Liz to other schools!

Assistant PrincipalPrivate Boys School

Great workshop! My comprehension of the seriousness of porn’s impact has been hugely increased. An urgent topic to add to Health Sessions in my High School.

Community NurseWestern Australia

This was one of the best workshops I have ever been to in my 22 years as a counsellor. Liz was absolutely amazing – I have told my team they must attend next time!